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Everybody's Got Teabag Fever In St. Louis After Blues Sweep Lightning

First things first, Blues Bob Saget is one of the most supercharged humans to ever walk into Kiel/Savvis/Scottrade/Enterprise Center. I was sitting with my dad watching the game and when this dude started cranking up that arm wave it just about set off a tsunami that incapacitated the entire section. If this dude isn’t at every single playoff game doing his wave dance, are we really going all in to win the Cup? The energy this dude gives off is like a nuclear reactor. Just radiating winning swagger. I couldn’t sleep for hours after being so close to the epicenter of this shockwave.


During the course of this season I’ve been using the Blues “Teabagging” the NHL graphic to illustrate the way the Blues came alive and ran roughshod over the league in January. Truth be told, we had just had Blogger School and learned about making eye-catching headlines and I didn’t want to get called out for just writing “Blues extend winning streak” or something of that nature, so much to my mother’s chagrin I enlisted the help of the most dominant phrase I could think of. Well it looks like it has turned from words to reality. Louie wanted to make sure he was getting as up close and personal with the fans as possible and I think he definitely did it here.

In the end it all added up to a season sweep teabagging of a team that won the President’s trophy with half a month to go in the season. Yeah I’m sure you could say that the players on the ice had a tiny bit to do with their 3rd straight win but I think it pales in comparison to Louie and Blues Bob Saget’s contributions.

The Blues now sit 2 points back from second place in the Central Division and home ice. Pat Maroon is on a 5 game point streak with 6 total during the streak. The Maroon-Bozak-Thomas line has been consistently effective for the Blues lately and the secondary scoring that we’ve seen from them is going to be so crucial to a deep playoff run. Schenn-Tarasenko-O’Reilly have been incredible lately but during the course of a series its going to take more than just them. The numbers for 10-90-91 are pretty goddamn impressive over their past 16 games together.

Finally on a sentimental note…


Seeing Blues fans wearing Barstool shirts in real life is some of the coolest shit I’ve seen! Since before I can remember I’ve been going to Blues games and to see people walking across 14th Street wearing merch from your company is some surreal shit. Thank you to all the STL Stoolies for the support and I think its only going to get cooler and cooler as we grow there.

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