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Lets Break Down The Most Jewish Match Up In The History Of The Final Four - Syracuse vs. Michigan


Break out your Orange kippah! Get out your Wolverine yarmulke! Its a Jew showdown for the ages! All the Japs from Windsor Court in Murray Hill will flock to Brother Jimmy’s on Lex. All the Jewish bros will follow them there. Jews will be hanging from the rafters rooting for both Syracuse and Michigan. Its probably the biggest day for the Chosens since their Bar Mitzvahs. Lets break it down!

Its High Octane Offense of Michigan versus the vaunted Syracuse 2-3 Zone . So far this tournament, thats the Unstoppable Force vs The Immovable Object. Trey Burke and Nik Stauskas have put on a fucking show from beyond the arc. That big donkey McGary, the second generation of Big Dog Glenn Rob and Tim Hardaway. By far the most capable offensive team Cuse has faced.

The flip side is Boeheim’s 2-3. The story line rhetoric that everyone seems to be regurgitating is that its the best Boeheim Zone in Syracuse history. Everyone is saying that, although there’s probably only like 1 or 2 analysts on the planet that could probably speak to whether or not thats true. Personally I think they’ve faced some absolutely putrid offensive teams. Marquette had absolutely zero clue how to attack a zone. But they also held them to only 12 FG. So yes, Marquette sucks offensively, but Cuse embarrassed them so it evens out. Can’t diminish their defensive abilities when they are holding teams to like 39 points a game. Bottom line is up top Carter Williams and Triche are 6-6 and 6-4. Fair Christmas and Southerland are all 6-8, 6-9. They are big and athletic as fuck.

Obviously we all know how basketball works. Not rocket science – If Michigan can continue shooting the ball the way they have they will stretch that zone and open up the floor more. If Burke and Stauskas go cold that zone tightens up and gets very, very difficult to play against. Personally, in college hoops, I’ll always choose defense over offense. The talent level just isn’t for me to expect kids to reign threes all tournament long. I think theres a stronger chance of Cuse’s zone continuing to dominate than Michigan shooters continuing to light it up. But I wouldn’t be surprised either way. Gonna be a great Final Four matchup to offset the Louisville/Wichita massacre.

Enjoy, Jews! Passover is done. Eat your leavened bread and watch the black fellas from your Jewish havens play hoops. The ultimate night for you guys.