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Jack The Ripper ID'ed By DNA (Ignore The Fact The Science Is Wrong)

CBSJack the Ripper, the notorious serial killer who terrorized the streets of London more than a century ago, may have finally been identified by forensic scientists in Great Britain. Genetic tests published last week in the Journal of Forensic Sciences point to Aaron Kosminski, a 23-year-old Polish barber and a prime police suspect at the time.

Jack the Ripper is thought to have claimed the lives of at least five women in the Whitechapel area of London between Aug. 31, 1888, and Nov. 9, 1888. No one was ever charged in the murders.

Kosminski has previously been named as a possible suspect, but this is the first time the supporting DNA evidence has been published in a peer-reviewed journal, according to Science.

I believe we all have a choice, and my choice is to ignore the reports from smart people that this science is basically ridiculous and insanely wrong and accept that we finally know who Jack the Ripper is:

Polish barber and overall crazyperson Aaron Kosminski.

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Expert did DNA analysis on a shawl that (allegedly) belonged to one of the victims.

I mean look at all the science they did and fancy terms they used to describe everything – how can that be wrong?

The results come from a forensic examination of a stained silk shawl that investigators said was found next to the mutilated body of Catherine Eddowes, the killer’s fourth victim, whose badly mutilated body was found Sept. 30, 1888. The shawl is stained with what is claimed to be blood and semen, the latter thought by some to have belonged to the killer.

“On the testing, the first result showed a 99.2 percent match. Since the DNA has two complementary strands, we went on and tested the other DNA strand, which game a perfect 100 percent match,” Louhelainen told the Liverpool Echo newspaper in 2014. [CBS]

That didn’t stop all the Scientist Haters to come out of the woodwork acting like THEIR science degrees are better.

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While the authors claim this is “the most systematic and most advanced genetic analysis to date regarding the Jack the Ripper murders,” their work has not been well received, either back in 2014 or now. Geneticist and popular-science writer Adam Rutherford, author of A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived (among other tomes), interviewed Louhelainen at the time of the book’s publication for BBC Inside Science. “I asked him if this evidence would stand up in court if the murder had taken place recently, and he said ‘no,'” Rutherford tweeted. “So why do we even vaguely consider that 130 years later it would be valid?” Turi King, a geneticist at the University of Leicester, whose team did the genome sequencing of Richard III, called the new paper “unpublishable” on Twitter, asking, “How did this ever get past peer review?” [Ars Technica]

The most depressing part from this depressing guy?

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Come on man.  Believe in something.