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Arnold Schwarzenegger Riding A Bike With His Mini Pony Is The Pick Me Up You Need During Your March Madness Hangover

You’ve done nothing but watch college basketball for 12 hours a day, 4 straight days. If you’re anything like my coworkers, you’re probably down a rent check or 10. Or a 100 if you’re like my boss. Your eyes are bleeding from staring at the screen, your body is in a state of atrophy after only moving to reach for another beer. The hardest physical activity you’ve done is split the bones on your buffalo wings. The only mental activity you’ve had is trying to remember what channel truTV is. You’re just a subhuman ball of goop that needs to remember how disgusting this lifestyle is, and you need to be reminded of the finer things in this life. You need to recall the beauty this world has to offer.

Enter Arnold Schwarzenegger and his mini pony. Lookin like a duo from a goddam Disney movie. His mini horse running like the wind, Arnold not far behind pedaling his heart out, wearing a preposterous leather jacket and hat. The only thing these guys need is some lush green grass, room to run, and a bucket of carrots. Golic Jr summed it up best


Just remember this is the life we should be striving for. Mini horses and not a care in the MFing world.

PS – this has gotta be the most wholesome TikTok that has ever been posted, right? No disgusting sexual overture from a toothless hillbilly. No horrendously depressing commentary about your downtrodden life as a divorcee. Now weird gothic shit. Just Mr. Universe and his horsies. Probably exactly what the TikTok creators hoped for when they made the app instead of a cesspool of the world’s least successful humans