Boxer Gets Exceptionally Cocky In The Final Round... Is Promptly Knocked Out

I know it’s cliche to say “If this was a movie blah blah blah,” in fact it’s almost as cliche as saying “I know it’s cliche to say,” but the fact of the matter is that if this was a movie I’d roll my eyes right out of my head. Final round, 14 seconds left, the dude dancing in his face while he’s left bloodied and exhausted… that’s when the hero finally comes through? Come on, that kind of stuff doesn’t happen in real life. That’s too preposterous. But it’s possible. I just watched it happen in real life.

I am happy that this Sabri character is French though. That makes it much more believable.



PS – I say it every time I hear a British commentator but all sports should have British commentators. They’re leaps and bound better than Americans.