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Francesa Fucked Me For Last Week's Fan Duel

Last week I had my whole lineup set and all I needed was my 3B. Saw Brandon Inge on the cheap. He didn’t have the little red cross for injury up on opening day. And all I could hear was…”I like Inge a lot. A lot. I like him a lot.” Its like Francesa subliminally drafted him for me. Obviously the rest of my shitty infield fucked me. But when I checked my final score and saw a 0 from Inge I couldn’t help but laugh. Fuckin Mike got me.

$25 dollar buy in this week. Contest starts tonight, first pitch at 7.

$5,000 in prizes, $1000 for 1st
222 spots in the tournament
$25 entry, can enter up to 3 teams
Prizes down to 22nd place