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Is Mumbles Menino The Greatest Troll The Internet Has Ever Seen?

So as I’m sure everybody has seen by now and as Jerry blogged this morning Mayor Menino once again made a jackass out of himself yesterday when he butchered both Vince Wilfork and Gronk’s names.  It was the latest in a long line of well publicized “gee this guy really is mentally handicapped huh” moments. And once again the clip has gone crazy viral. Everybody making fun of poor Mumbles. It’s finally gotten to the point where he actually has me questioning myself. Like is he doing this on purpose? Is he trolling us? Seriously NOBODY could be this dumb could they be? It’s not just that he can’t talk. He can’t walk, he can’t lay in bed, he can’t do anything. He’s a danger to himself and everybody around him every single time he wakes up. Yet he’s run this city for like 3 decades. How can this be? How can somebody this inept at every facet of life be the mayor of a major metropolitan city for so long? It makes no sense. The only thing I can come up with is Menino is playing some sort of high stakes trolling game so far above my intellect that I can’t even connect the dots on how pretending to be legally retarded makes him more powerful, but that has to be the case. He’s like some sort of super genius.