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Barbara Streisand Is CANCELED After Her Comments About Michael Jackson's Accusers

Steven Spielberg at Awards Ceremony

Ah yes. The old “They were asking for it” defense. Commonly used against girls who werent covering every square inch of her body while at a social gathering. Its not every day, however, that you see the “You were asking for it” employed against 7 year olds. Bold strategy, Barbara! Lets see if it pays off!

I also love the Johnny Damon approach. Johnny Damon once famously said that Arod’s steroid use wasnt that bad and when asked what transgression could have been worse, he replied “Well, murder.” Looks like Babs has the same standards as Johnny. Michael didnt MURDER those kids, did he? They didnt commit suicide, right? So then they’re gucci. All set. Whats that? They have to live with the mental and emotional torment of having been violated in the most heinous fashion imaginable? They have to fight to overcome their trust issues and sexual confusion while constantly reliving the carnal torture of a grown man fucking them at the age of 7? Ah well whatever, they got married and had kids! Couldnt’ve been that bad!


Jiminy fucking cricket! I mean these are the most insanely tone deaf comments I’ve ever heard. Imagine hearing a story about an adult fucking 7 year olds in the ass and having any reaction, AT ALL, other than “Oh my god thats absolutely disgusting. That person deserves the worst fate the universe has to offer and I hope the victims are surviving as best they can after such an unfair and despicable fate.” Literally that is the only thought that should run through your brain. Imagine chalking up pedophilia to just regular old “Sexual needs?” Some like blondes, some like brunettes, some like kids! We all have our proclivities! No, you fucking ASSHOLE. You goddam idiotic lunatic. Fetishes and fantasies are different than when a grown adult with experience and power exploits a fucking child who does not have the mental or physical capabilities to remove themselves from the situation. Cant believe we even need to have this talk, Barbara. You sick fuck.


PS – Just for the record since there’s gonna be a lot of Johnny Come Lately’s canceling Barbara today, just know that I was ahead of my time on this one. I may have been off on the reasoning but I had the good sense to cancel this woman an entire month ago. What can I say, its like a gift. Its like I cant control it.