Russian Dude Kills His Buddy By Literally Shoving His Foot Up His Ass

Guy code, bro. Don’t flirt with another man’s woman or you’re gonna get a boot up your ass. In most parts of the world we mean that metaphorically but in Russia, they don’t fuck with metaphors. In Russia they literally put their foot up your asshole. If Sergey didn’t want to get foot-fisted in his ass he shouldn’t be spitting game to his best friend’s girlfriend. Right in front of Vladamir’s face, nonetheless.

I really don’t wanna get into the logistics of murdering someone my shoving your foot up their ass. But I’m baffled. Thats some seriously loose butthole to even be able to have that occur. Is it one swift kick up the ass? Is it more of a repeated stomping motion? Are you just stepping on this dude’s colon until he dies? Do you go toe first? Heel first? Do you take your boot, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways and shove it right up his candy ass? I’ve just got so many questions that I don’t think will ever be answered. Fuckin Russia. I swear they keep me up at night thinking about these kinda stories.