Highlights Of 7'6" Tacko Fall Dunking All Over College Kids Takes Us Into Tonight's UCF-VCU Game #BudLightBusters

Is having a gigantic player who looks like he is playing on an 8 foot rims but is still athletic enough to move like a gazelle a good thing? Because if so, I am feeling tremendous about my UCF #BudLightBusters pick sending me on another much needed vacation from my goddamn kids.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Zion Experience for tonight’s opening act in Columba. But the Tacko Show is the main event. I wouldn’t be shocked if Coach K goes in for an emergency backiatomy while all of Duke’s starting lineup hire agents and kill their amateur status after reading this blog. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to drink a Diet Coke so I have some caffeine in my system to help me make it through tonight’s game.

Time for a meme!


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