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Yankees Fans Are Mad I'm Not Being Nice To Them

Honestly, even if its not me, just get somebody – anybody. Strasser, Scott, even Manzo (eh actually not Manzo). Create a new name on the side and just pretend to be a Yankee fan for all I care, but its just nonsensical for this blog to be a Mets blog when it comes to baseball. For too long you have been telling the same sad, pathetic narrative and ignoring what real Yankee fans think. Not your fault, you are a Mets fan. I get it, good for you. But if I have to read one more slanderous Yankee blog from you, I am going to pull a Hideki Irabu.

- Jim

Listen KFC, I think you’re a funny blogger 85% of the time which is a very high percentage compared to the masshole el pres’s 40% approval rating, but your Yankees bashing is a little pathetic. I know you’re a Mets fan but common really when’s the last time they have been relevant?

Why don’t you just stick to positive blogging of the Mets instead of the bashing of the Yanks? I don’t think it will be a great season for either of them, but your hatred of the Yankees is obviously sheer jealousy. Big turnoff for the NYC Stoolie Yankees fans.


- Jack

At least last season there was Strasser….pretty unfair if a Yankees hater continuously posts about the Yanks on Barstool NY…at least find a Yankees dedicated blogger to cover that to be unbiased

- Brian

Waaaaahhhh! KFC isn’t saying nice things about the Yankees! Waaaahh! Hey Yankees fans – do me a favor:


I tried to hire a Yankees writer. I’ve tried 3 times in 4 fucking years. Jimmy D, Scott, Strasser. None of them had what it took. Which is absolutely mind blowing because its literally the easiest job on the planet earth. I know for a fact it is, because any time the Yankees had big moments I was the one blogging about them. The days after they won the World Series in 2009 I posted under Scott’s name and wrote every single Yankees blog. When Jeter hit his 3,000th on a home run, I blogged it. When Steinbrenner died, I blogged it. Its literally the easiest blogging assignment of all time. Be the cocky, arrogant Yankees fan. Talk about 27 World Championships and Pinstripes and The Captain. Brag about Mariano. Talk about how you spend the money because you can. Throw in some George Steinbrenner “The Boss would never tolerate this” lines. And any time there’s a hot new rookie or prospect you say “Don’t worry. In about 5 years he’ll be in Pinstripes.” Boom. There’s your whole blueprint. But apparently there’s zero funny Yankees fans and none who are capable of watching a game and snapping pictures of hot chicks in the crowd. Finding funny pictures and videos that bash the Red Sox. Apparently out of all 10 billion Yankees fans, none are capable of being a Yankees blogger.

So this is what you get. I’m a Mets fan and hate the Yankees and you’re gonna have to try to toughen up and deal with that. Man up and learn how to talk shit and defend your team. I’ve been doing it my whole life and my teams fucking suck. I know most of you are probably in your 20s and have never lived in a world where the Yankees weren’t king. I guess you’re not used to people being mean to the Yankees. Maybe you should just be happy with the fact that you’ve dominated the AL East and won 5 titles in the past 20 years and not cry about a Mets fan talking shit. You should relish this kind of hate. All the great teams do.

So toughen up. Or become funny. One of the two. Because either I’m blogging the rest of the season however I want or maybe a miracle occurs and someone in Yankee land learns how to blog Barstool style.

PS – For the record Manzo was really good at the Yankees stuff. The perfect sort of arrogant attitude. But he dropped the ball on Jeter’s 3000th and the whole blogging thing just didn’t end up working out.