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#KU Boobs is All The Rage



LAWRENCE, Kan. This story is about a woman who took a picture of herself in a KU T-shirt, tweeting it with #KUboobs. It caught on like wildfire and the woman said she’d like to use the attention to bring awareness to breast cancer. Kenneth Soap said it started off as a way to promote support for the University of Kansas basketball team.  His friend Tiffany Kent (@mommyloveswine), tweeted a picture of herself last March with the hashtag #KUboobs.  “I think it’s very exciting I love their name and I think it’s very unique and fun,” Michelle Lemberger said.Lemberger is a doctor with Centerpoint Medical Center in Independence.  She has battled breast cancer herself.  She is part of her own organization to raise money to help fund mamograms.  Lemberger said they are preparing for a gala next month. Lemberger said she doesn’t have a problem with how anyone goes about bringing awareness, even #KUboobs.“Why not? I don’t think breast should be off limits as far as bringing attention to something as important as breast cancer in women’s health,” Lemberger said.

First of all I love the way this reporter said “viral”.   Just made me laugh for some reason.  Anyway  let me get this straight.   As long as you say the reason you are showing pictures of tits is to raise awareness for Breast Cancer everybody loves you and calls you a hero?   Ok fine.  #barstoolboobs.   Send us your finest tit shots.   We’ll retweet them in the name of breast cancer.  Done and done.   Too bad chicks can’t get ass cancer.  Then I’d really have something.

PS – I don’t know why but I feel like I need to add “Everyday I be shuffling” into this blog.   Just feels right.