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NJ Heroin Dealers Named Their Most Deadly Strain 'Tom Brady'

SourceState Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said Thursday police had charged three New Jersey men with running a narcotics production facility, “effectively shutting down” an operation that may be responsible for 227 overdoses – 84 of them fatal. …

Grewal’s office on Thursday took the unusual step of publishing a list of 25 “brands” produced by the drug mill, warning drug users who consume the dangerous blends of heroin and fentanyl that “your next fix very likely could be your last.” …

The investigation began last month, when drug analysts identified a number of “brands” of heroin — stamped with pop culture references like “Tom Brady,” “Fat Albert” and “Frosted Flakes” — linked to deadly overdoses, State Police Captain Gregory Demeter said.

As much as I try to be small “l” libertarian and believe in general people should be allowed to do what they want to themselves, heroin and fentanyl are a scourge that’s destroying society and dealers are a blight upon the human race. So good work by New Jersey’s finest for bringing this scum to justice.

That said, in a way, these guys they captured are about as close to being socially responsible as opioid dealers get. Which is to say, not socially responsible at all. What I mean is, when you’re selling deadly smack in New Jersey and name your most deadly strain “Tom Brady,” that’s pretty much telling your customers how dangerous it is, right? No Jets fan is going to be scared off by a brand called “Blake Bortles” or “Nathan Peterman.” But calling it “Tom Brady” is essentially slapping a warning label on there, telling Jersey guys they can’t handle that stuff. That it will ruin their lives. Like selling “Birth Defects” brand cigarettes or a line of vodkas called “I Can’t Believe I Woke Up Next to Jerry Thornton.” You don’t need the Surgeon General’s warning when all you need to know is right in the name of the product.

But putting that aside for a second, I feel this needs to be said. Just to give you the Springer-like “Jerry’s Final Thoughts,” so I can live with myself. I talked to a cop a while back who told me when they get a fatal overdose, all the real hardcore addicts move into that area to find the strain that killed someone. Because that’s the high they’re chasing. And they’ll risk death to get it, no questions asked. Stay away from the opioids, kids. Stay right the fuck away. That shit will eat your soul.