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No One Does Heartbreak In The NCAA Tournament Like Cincinnati


Well, it’s March which means Cincinnati felt heartbreak yet again. Actually, it’s the postseason so the city knows this well. That’s the beauty of living here without being from here. You can watch the city burn without caring about the teams.

But perhaps no school in the country does heartbreak like Cincinnati. It’s almost impressive. I mean we know what happened today. Cincinnati was essentially playing a home game in Columbus. Cincinnati had a double digit lead against an Iowa team that looked erady to quit.

Iowa won the game.

It has to be a mental thing at this point. I mean let’s run through some of this.

2018: Blew a 22 point lead to Nevada 


2016: Give up a 3 and then have a game-tying dunk be .01 after the buzzer

2000: Kenyon Martin breaks his leg before the NCAA Tournament. Lose in Round of 32

The fact is Cincinnati has had bad luck/bad juju/bad games/whatever you want to call it in March. It doesn’t make sense. Mick Cronin is not a bad coach. Cincinnati is not a bad program. It has to be a mental thing at this point.

I don’t know what the answer is. You can’t really overreact at this point. The NCAA Tournament is a weird thing. Cincinnati is a consistent program. But, they also are who they are. They aren’t going to be a Final Four contender every year. Hell, they aren’t going to be a Sweet 16 contender every year. But, whether it’s picking up the speed offensively or what, that doesn’t solve Iowa hitting 12 second half threes.

At least there’s Reds, Bengals FC Cincinnati season maybe. If not, go Cyclones.