Wow. I Can't Believe That Lady In Your Office Who Doesn't Even Watch Basketball Is Currently Leading Your Office Bracket Pool


Can you believe it? She hasn’t even watched a single second of college basketball this year. Probably couldn’t even tell you what conference Murray State is out of. But she sure as heck had them over Marquette. She was bang on with Minnesota over Louisville. She didn’t get too cocky with that Wofford game and go for an upset. She was right on the money. Can you believe it? I simply can’t believe it. Probably just made picks based on mascots or some shit like that.

Meanwhile you–a true fan–are sitting in dead last place. You can’t even buy a win here. You already lost 3 of your teams in the Elite 8. Again, I just simply cannot believe it. How could this happen? To you, of all people. It’s just not right. You must be the only person who this has ever happened to. Only you could possibly be this unlucky.