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Barstool Brackets 2019 - Hottest TV Characters Of All Time


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March Madness with all of TV’s baddies. The hottest chicks from the 1960’s all the way up to present day. By far the most difficult Barstool Bracket to date. I thought doing TV’s funniest characters, villains and badasses were was difficult. Those were a walk in the park compared to crafting this field. Narrowing down all the attractive women from television to a field of just 64 was absolutely impossible. So, spare me your complaints about snubs. If your favorite smoke was left off, just know that it hurt me more than it hurt you to cut them. There will be a lot of arguing regarding the First Four out, but I think we will all be in agreement about the One Seeds. Kelly, CJ, Sloane and Rachel:

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Round 1 voting is NOW LIVE. In 24 hours we will release results for the Round of 32 and we’ll vote to our Sweet 16. Then we resume next week the same way the NCAA tourney does it. The Four Regions, the most infamous letters in TV history – TV-MA, BN, N, SSC. Every guy knows the importance of those letters.

Now, to be clear, this one is difficult. Technically we are voting on the CHARACTERS. So bear in mind that girl’s traits as she portrays them on television. Naturally we are going to let reality in and we’ll be judging based on the actresses in real life. And also in certain situations I couldnt pick just one character. For instance when I see Olivia Wilde, I think of Jenny Reilly from The Black Donnellys, but she did 90 eps of House as Thirteen. So, I dunno in that case, vote however you want. Same thing with Julia Louis Dreyfuss if you’re viewing her as Selina Meyer or Elaine Benes. Alyssa Milano has been a smoke on TV for like 30 years as a million different characters, I just picked Charmed as the main entry. Vote however you want of course, but bear in mind some “characters” are sexier on TV than in real life.