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This LeBron James Tattoo May Be The Most Beautiful Awful Tattoo I Have Ever Seen

I don’t know how you can look at that tattoo and not think:

1. That is art

2. That is a terrible tattoo

My dumb blogger brain cannot process how it is possible to make ink on a human’s skin look that much like LeBron James to the point I can smell the vintage Merlot on his breath as he huffs at one of the young Lakers for not switching onto his man quick enough. That tattoo looks more like LeBron James than LeBron James does. Not NBA2K LeBron on a 4K TV. But real life, living, breathing LeBron.

HOWEVAH, if you are going to pay however much it costs to have another man’s face tattooed on your body, you can’t have Lakers LeBron as that man. Heat LeBron was one of the greatest villains the NBA has ever seen and Cavs LeBron broke Cleveland’s title drought by defeating a 73-9 team. Lakers LeBron is going to be filming Space Jam 2 scenes during this year’s NBA Playoffs. If the Lakeshow can’t land Kawhi, Kyrie, KD, or any other superstar whose name begins with a K (along with AD), we may be entering Wizards MJ territory as 8 billion minutes of playing time from making the Finals every year start to take their toll on LeBron’s body (no disrespect to Wizards MJ, who gave us this gem. But Wizards MJ wasn’t tattoo worthy either).