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Teanna Trump Says She Used To Let An NBA Player Use Her Instagram To Talk To Guys

I thought this was interesting. Admittedly, I know nothing about Teanna Trump other than the fact that she’s a wildly popular porn star, which I guess is all you need to know. I asked YP to describe her in one word and he said, “vacuum” before I could even finish my sentence. I looked up her latest video (please click with caution) and he wasn’t lying. She could suck a cantaloupe through the eye of a needle.

Regardless, this story is starting to make the rounds on the internet. And I’m not trying to out anyone or speculate as to who the person is, but it does make you wonder if A) she’s telling the truth and B) who she’s talking about. I mean, she has no reason to lie, right? What would she stand to gain? Fame? She’s already famous. It’s not like she’s going to make money off of the story either. Also, without naming names I think it’s safe to assume she’s talking about Dwight Howard. But that’s neither here nor there.

The real story is the fact that Teanna Trump is turning over the reigns to her Instagram and letting someone other than herself interact with her fans. Who without a doubt are some of the horniest people on the planet. Like in order to DM a porn star you have to be either Wayne Jetski or someone who’s on the brink of climax. No one with a soft dick shoots their shot with a porn star via DM. You have to be boned up. You have to have a screw loose to want to deal with those people.

It would also take a significant amount of money for me to give up control of my phone. I’m not saying I have anything bad on it, but I have enough that if someone dug deep enough I’d have a tough time looking them in the eyes. I  get that she’s a porn star, but still. It’s a wild move. Although I guess when the entire world has seen every nook and cranny of your body it doesn’t really matter.

Five more hours till the weekend. Hang in there.