Ron Burgundy Was Born To Call Hockey Games

Condensed version if you don’t have half an hour to kill today watching the 2nd period of the Kings v Sharks from last night.


So the LA Kings have been doing this for a while now where they bring in a celebrity to do the play-by-play commentary for a period. Snoop Dogg was a natural. That guy from Silicon Valley was pretty good as well. But as far as legends of the broadcast booth go, Ron Burgundy is up there at the top.

He brings a delightful combination of charm and expertise to the broadcast. You look at a guy like Pierre McGuire. He knows the game and every single player like the back of his hand. You can hate him all you want but you can’t knock the man’s knowledge. With that being said, I feel like the majority of the reason why most people can’t stand him is because he lacks that charisma. But Ron Burgundy? That’s his middle name.

And the best thing about him? He’s not afraid to speak the truth. He’s not going to kiss anybody’s ass out there just because he knows it’ll allow him to get the access he needs to do his job. So if that means he’s going to take a shot at the San Jose Sharks’ entire existence? Well then he’s going to take a shot at the San Jose Sharks’ entire existence.

But seriously, Will Ferrell’s ability to actually call a pretty decent hockey game while playing a character was pretty damn impressive. Like have you ever tried to just do some play-by-play to yourself in your head before? It’s not exactly easy to always be spot on with the names. But Will Ferrell was out here calling out Alec Martinez plays like he does this for 82 games per year. That’s how you know he’s a true Hockey Guy.