Should We Raise Baseball's Poverty Line?

20151219_CBP001_0MESA, Ariz. — The Cubs have had “internal discussions” about raising the pay of their minor-league players  after the Blue Jays announced 50% raises earlier this week for players in their farm system. 

“It’s something that people have been talking about a lot, how it would be better for all common good if we could find a way to get them a more livable wage,” Epstein said this week. “It’s obviously a complicated issue, but it seems like a lot of steps are in the right direction.”

Although minor-league affiliates are responsible for many overhead expenses associated with their clubs, the MLB clubs are responsible for player salaries in the minors. Class A players typically are paid less than $1,200 a month, before clubhouse dues and taxes, and only for the months of the season. 

I once wanted to be a minor league player so bad. Crush life with the boys in some obscure middle-American town, dipping our faces off and ripping through the local babes two at a time. That was heaven to me age 18-present and I can tell you it’s worth a lot more than the $1,200 monthly salary. Like yeah your life sucks because you’re eating oatmeal twice a day and can’t afford that cream for your dick rash. But at least you’re not slaving over cold calls and rush hour traffic and the growing realization that your life is completely meaningless because no one loves you and your career is a total failure. So that’s nice.

Personally I’d like to see minor leaguers work a little harder for the pay raise. Set them up on a commission plan for ticket sales or some shit in the offseason. Then give them a solid incentive package based on season ticket package sales to decrease your total cost of labor. Are you guys writing this shit down?