Ian Eagle Delivering The Most Electric Play-by-Play Call Overshadowed LSU's Win


Sure, Yale might by 6-for-32 (as I type this) from three. Sure, LSU may be blowing a massive lead despite that. But, who cares? Ian Eagle is out here delivering an unbelievable play-by-play call of something he’s never seen before. Thanks to Emmitt Williams diving head first into the row of Journalists. We see a real problem us Journalists have to endure. Bringing a soft drink out to court. Then what happens?


‘I’ve never seen in it in all my years. Double spillage! No! Triple spillage!’

But, because he’s Ian Eagle and he’s an unbelievable announcer he just goes from this directly to calling the game again. It was beautiful.

As for the game itself? Well, it made no sense. Yale started the game 5-for-31 from three. LSU should have been up 30. However, Yale just kept cutting away and cutting away. It helps when you have Miye Oni doing things like this:

LSU was balanced, which isn’t shocking. They have enough dudes to let Tremont Waters pick when to attack and distribute. Naz Reid and Bigby-Williams killed Yale on the glass with 7 offensive rebounds between the two.

More importantly it was a brutal loss for our guys: