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Ring Girl Bethany Answers Feitlebergs Tinder Question of How Many Pushups She Can Do


Ring Girl Bethany has officially taken Barstool by storm.  Like I can’t even tell you how many people were emailing me during this entire Manti Te’o controversy last night yelling at me for not posting this video.  Like sorry bro we have the biggest story of the year going on right now so I’m kind of busy.  People didn’t want to hear it.  They were just like “SHUT UP and post the Bethany video.   We know you have it”

Anyway I didn’t know what to expect here.  I felt like nothing she did could live up to my expectations.  I’d built her up too much in my head.   But she nailed it with her cute little West Virginia accent and that DIABOLICAL ass still just wrecking shit.   And she did a ton of pushups.  Crappy form but still.  And was that her mom shooting the video?  Even hotter.

Any more ideas on what Bethany should do next?   Tweet at her @bethanygathens