Cam Newton Has Not And Will Not Be Busting Any Nuts In The Month Of March


In order to become a top-level professional athlete, you need to love competition. And when you’re in the offseason, there’s nobody to compete against. So you need to learn to just compete against yourself.

Cam Newton is certainly no exception. So for the month of March, he apparently decided that his main competition was going to be his dick. And in order to beat his dick, he’s going to not beat it for the entire month. Or at least that’s what he says.

Cam Newton has not and will not be busting a single nut in the month of February. And in case you didn’t know, “busting a nut” is slang speak for jizzing. Otherwise known as “blowing a load”.

Now it’s important to note here that Cam specifically said that he will not be climaxing for the month of March. So does that mean he’ll just be edging for 31 days straight? Can he have sex but just not until completion? Or is his dick just locked away in storage for the month entirely? Maybe we’ll never know. But all I’m saying is that I know another former Florida quarterback who wouldn’t allow himself to climax before and he’s now playing Double-A minor league baseball in the New York Mets organization. So being master of your own domain may not be the greatest career path for Cam here as he looks to return from his shoulder surgery.