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WFAN Reports Eric Murdock Tried To Blackmail Rutgers For $1 Million To Not Release The Tape

So Boomer and Carton reported this morning that Eric Murdock asked for $1,000,000 to not release the Mike Rice tapes. I haven’t seen it anywhere else, but Carton reported it as confirmed on the air just like 20 minutes ago. He also said there’s a possibility that Rutgers countered that offer with $200,000. He didn’t confirm anything regarding that. Just said the original demand was $1M, and somehow ended up at 200K. Whether that meant Rutgers countered with their own offer, or Murdock lowered his demands, he said he was unsure.

First thing’s first – if Rutgers did in fact engage in blackmail talks, everyone is getting fired. Cuncel da Rutgers if they tried to pay their way out of this mess. Handling a head coach situation poorly is one thing. Paying dudes off in an illegal manner to hide transgressions is a whole ‘nother story. Also, if they tried to counter that offer and pay hush money, it makes you think that they absolutely knew how much of a PR nightmare this would have been, which in turn makes it seem even stupider that they could get away with a 3 game suspension. Something doesn’t add up there. If you’re willing to drop 200 grand to make this go away, you should be smart enough to realize its serious enough of a situation to fire the coach when you’re not successful in making it disappear. I’d be really surprised if Rutgers made that counter offer.

Secondly, Eric Murdock is kind of a scumbag, huh? I mean regardless of what he did, Mike Rice is still a dickhead. But Eric Murdock is right there with him. Everyone praising him as some sort of “whistleblower” bringing the truth to light for the benefit off all those kids. Fed up with the abuse the players faced. Yea yea yea. Give me a fucking break. Dude wanted cash money dollhairs. Even still, people are praising him:


How fucking stupid are people? Eric Murdock does not give one single fuck about the people of New Jersey. He didn’t do this out of the goodness of his heart. He wasn’t trying to do the right thing. He’s just a scumbag looking to extort money. The fact that he was trying to extort someone who is also an asshole doesn’t make him any better.