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Someone Needs to Arrest ASU Outfielder Hunter Bishop For Murdering This Baseball In Cold Blood

Absolute SEED.  This kid is slaying baseballs at a pace that would make Jeffery Dahmer proud.  452 feet?  113MPH off the bat?  Lefty/lefty matchup? You fucking kidding me?

For reference, a 113 MPH exit velo would have been about 25th best in MLB last year:

And he did it again in his next at bat too, off the same pitcher, this time on a breaking pitch:

And on the season he’s put together this slash line:

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 9.57.46 AM

Those are “fuck you” numbers.  And as we speak right here right now, the Golden Spikes Award goes through Tempe.  Not through Berkley with conference foe and last year’s winner Andrew Vaughn at Cal, not some slap dick singles hitter hitting .500 at UC Irvine or some shit, it goes through Hunter Bishop at Arizona State University, the premier student athlete institution in the PAC12.

The Sun Devils are up to 20-0 and 15 in the D1 Baseball rankings.  Those dirty scumbags at UCLA are currently ranked 1st with a pathetic 14-4 record.  The two rivals don’t meet until the first weekend of May, so by then you could very well see the #1 and #2 teams in the country squaring off.

Let’s fucking go.