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Brad Marchand May Have Just Murdered Joe Haggerty

Rest in peace Joe Haggerty. On Thursday, March 21st, we laid Joe to rest after being completely murdered by Brad Marchand online for writing a stupid article that made absolutely zero sense.

Haggs, the Boston Bruins writer for NBC Boston, wrote an article this week that the Bruins may be better without Torey Krug in the lineup after their 5-0 win over the Islanders. This is also the guy who claimed the Bruins should consider making Jaro Halak the starting goalie. So credibility isn’t really his strong suit.

I mean….buddy legitimately said Patrice Bergeron was in decline in 2017. How dumb can one human be?

Absolutely hilarious move by Marchand and good for him. Haggs is a fucking moron. No one plays in to recency bias more than anyone on the internet. If the Bruins went on a two game winning streak without Bergeron the guy would probably starting writing about how the team should trade him.

You’re an idiot if you think the Boston Bruins would be better without Torey Krug like an absolute fucking moron.

As Ty Anderson of 98.5 the Sports Hub points out, there aren’t many players like Torey Krug in the NHL. Does he make the occasional mistake? Yes. Is he perfect defensively? No. My guys like Torey Krug don’t grow on trees. Puck moving defenseman with a major locker room presence isn’t something you can just go an sign off waivers or call up from the AHL.

Get your head out of your ass, Haggs.