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Marcus Smart Tossed Embiid Out Of The Club And Then Promptly Got Ejected

On the surface, not exactly a smart play from someone who’s last name is Smart. Marcus is obviously way too important to be doing stuff like this but sometimes you just need to take a stand. When Embiid gives Smart an elbow like that what do you expect to happen? Smart isn’t going to let that shit slide, so he tossed Embiid out of the fucking club. Granted it seems to have had the opposite effect as it jazzed up the Sixers, but I’m willing to let it ride. Embiid can run back at Smart all he wants everyone with a brain knows he doesn’t want that smoke. Remember this is a man that couldn’t even win a fight against Terry Rozier.

If this Sixers team can’t beat a Celts squad without Hayward/Smart/Baynes then the Process truly is a fraud. I don’t see how they look themselves in the mirror moving forward. They’re in this game because they’ve taken 50000 FTs and still as I write this are down double digits. Sad.