Good Guy Kevin Durant Surprised Some Kids With Pizza After Meeting Their Dad In An Elevator

Good luck to all the haters out there at Bleacher Report and Barstool that will try to twist this narrative to somehow make Kevin Durant look like a bad guy. A man much wiser than me once said that pizza is love and there is no better way to describe that video than pure love for your fellow man. We all know the perks of staying at a hotel. Never having to clean up your room, access to the indoor heated pool, and if you are lucky, a game room. However the downside to a hotel is that it can be a soulless place with mediocre, overpriced room service and pizza you wouldn’t feed your dog.

However, when the greatest basketball player in the world happens to run into your dad in the elevator and delivers good pizza to your room, even the shittiest hotel on Earth will feel like The Plaza. Can you imagine how much of a hero that dad is in his kids’ eyes now? I mean he’s probably number 2 behind only Kevin Durant (and rightfully so because Durant is apparently an even human than he is a basketball player, which is to say he’s the greatest human in the world). But if your dad leaves the hotel room to get dinner and fill up the ice bucket only to return with the reigning two-time NBA Finals MVP carrying two pies of happiness in tow, you truly will think he is capable of anything. And as a dad, I can promise you that being a legend like that in your kids’ eyes is all we strive to become.


So before all the snakes in the media try to sully the good name of Kevin Durant again, just remember that he made two kids’ nights and one dad’s life, despite them being fans of the team the Warriors were set to play.

To borrow a phrase, Kevin. You the real MVP. At life and on the hardwood.