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White Sox, Eloy Jimenez Agree To Long Term Extension LET'S FUCKING GO!!!!

BAM!!!  This is a GREAT FUCKING MOVE for the organization.  This is something that made way too much sense to me.  Something I even wrote about a month ago:

Now what would that contract look like?  I’m guessing a bit more than what Chris Sale’s deal was in 2012.  Sale’s deal had an AAV of $6.5MM.  The White Sox (again, theoretically) want to control Eloy a full 7 years before he becomes a free agent and is gunning for a massive pay day.  So how about this:

7 years, $8MM/ year.  I just threw the $8MM out there because it’s a simple number for this exercise.  Could be 7, 7.5… you get the point.  Bryce Harper has earned about $52MM thus far in his career with bonuses, so it beats that as well.

But that’s a $56MM deal.  Beats Sale’s deal by plenty, agent happy. Eloy makes about 15x the amount he’d be making in 2019-21, the Sox get a full 7 years of team control out of him like they want, but though they’re paying him real, actual money in the first 3 years and not league minimum, he wouldn’t go to arbitration in 2022-2024/25, when he’d (hopefully) be due $10MM or more.

So It looks like the base deal of 6/$43MM (with two club options) and my 7/$56 were pretty close.  The original $100MM figure was NEVER happening.  But this is a perfect deal for both sides.  Eloy now has generational wealth and doesn’t need to rot in Charlotte for 4 weeks working on his “defense” and the Sox can get him in the lineup opening day.  I’m not going to say I slipped the idea to my good friend Rick (Hahn) when we were out in Arizona last week, but I’m not going to say I didn’t slip the idea to him either.

win/win.  Absolutely LOVE this.  Here’s how it breaks down for the team/player

Now this is the biggest deal of its kind in MLB history.  Eloy has yet to take a SINGLE at bat in The Show.  Obviously there is inherent risk involved and even the best prospects amount to nothing, but Eloy has such a good hit/power combo that he should at worst be a DH that’s good for like .275/.330/25 over the course of his prime.  And at about $7-8MM/year, they’d be paying lower than free agent market values at that figure anyways.

Huge win for the organization when they were desperate for some good news.  Huge win for Eloy.  Huge win for Sox fans. I love everything about this.  Now do the same with Kopech and Cease.