This Koala In Australia Flat Out Refused To Leave A Guy's Air Conditioned Car

I stand with the koala. Let him stay in the car dude. Yeah I get that it’s not ideal to have a koala fucking up the interior of your SUV but that koala REALLY didn’t wanna get out. Dude was literally scratching and clawing to stay in the car. He pulled the ol’ okie doke on the human too. The human tried to pull him outta the backseat so he jumped into the front seat and dug into the dashboard. Classic okie doke.

Can you really blame the koala though? Imagine being that koala and feeling air conditioning for the first time? Think about every time you’ve ever walked into an air conditioned house after being outside on a hot summer’s day and how great that is. Well that koala just got that for the first time so yeah no shit he didn’t want to get out of the car. That had to be an unbelievable and life-changing experience for that koala. Like, “THIS is how humans live?????? Are you fucking kidding me????” It’s no wonder dogs and cats are so willing to become property of humans. The alternative is being out in a world that isn’t climate controlled and where they have to fend for themselves. Fuck that. I’d much rather be a human possession and be fed at the same time every night than have to go against the animal kingdom.