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'Love, Death & Robots' Is Netflix's Best New Show

After hearing a whole ton of hubbub about this new Netflix show, ‘Love, Death & Robots’ from Tim Miller (director of ‘Deadpool’), I finally decided to give it a watch last night, and let me tell ya – it’s worth the hubbub.

It’s an animated anthology, where each episode is anywhere from five to twenty minutes, and (up to where I’m at) completely unrelated to each other in a very cool ‘Black Mirror’ kinda way. It also carries the ‘Black Mirror’ trait in its twists and commentary on fucked up future scenarios/universes, which is cool, and features a whole ton of cartoon nudity, which is…something! So far, every episode I’ve seen has been completely different in its animation style as well, and it’s almost worth the watch for how visually cool it is alone. Some episodes look so realistic you question whether or not it’s actually animated, some have a comic-book-y ‘Into The Spider-Verse’ vibe to ‘em, some are Borderlands-y and look like video game cutscenes, and some are straight up old school 2-D in style.

Check out the first two episodes at the very least, the first giving you an awesome vibe of what the show is like in graphic detail, and the second because it’s a hilarious ten-minute comedy short, and see if it’s for you. Don’t think you’ll regret it.