The Week in Bulletin Board Fodder Rolls On: Houston CB Johnathan Joseph Says the Texans are Better Than the Patriots

CSN HoustonThe Texans faced the Patriots twice this season with similar results. They lost 42-14 in Week 14 and lost 41-28 in the Divisional round of the playoffs. They were outscored 83-42 and it wasn’t that close. But Pro Bowl cornerback Johnathan Joseph still thinks the Texans are the better team. “Obviously we had the right guys in here to win 13 ballgames to get up to that point,” Joseph said on Monday, the day the Texans cleaned out their lockers. “For whatever reason, we didn’t advance. I still can’t put that over because I think we were a better team. I think we just didn’t make the plays at the right time.”… In two games against the Texans, Brady passed for 640 yards and seven touchdowns with zero interceptions. “Not at all,” Joseph said when asked if the gap between the Texans and Patriots isn’t that big. “Just four or five plays. You take a few of those plays that they made and go the other way, it’s a different ballgame.”

Sure it would be easy to  dismiss Johnathan Joseph as just another NFL asshat who can’t except the fact that the Patriots are in their 13th year of dominating a league that no team is supposed to dominate.  But I won’t.  Because when you think about it, he’s got a good point.  Those two games really did come down to just a handful of plays.  If you take away Donte Stallworth walking out of his parole office to catch a 63 yard TD, Brandon Lloyd running wide open deep for a score, Vince Wilfork forcing a fumble, a perfect throw to Shane Vereen for 47, the best game of Jerod Mayo’s career, Rob Ninkovich’s interception from the nose tackle spot, Aaron Hernandez 2 touchdowns and Wes Welker shredding the secondary for 180 yards… all done without Rob Gronkowski… what have you got?  The Patriots would’ve only outscored Houston by 20 points. 30, tops.  So therefore the Texans are a better team.  It’s science. @JerryThornton1