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Scal Is Charging For Autographs Now? BAHAHAHAH!


Wait is this an early April Fools joke?   Scal is charging 20 bucks for an autograph?   BAHHAHAAH!   Listen I love Scal.   I think he’s hilarious.  I like how he’s willing to play anybody in Boston in 1 on 1.    But charging for autographs?  What type of maniac would pay for a Brian Scalabrine autograph?   Please tell me the money is going to charity or something.  It has to be.  Because Brian Scalabrine profiting from signing autographs would have to go down as one of the great white collar crimes of our generation.  Oh and if you are buying a Scal autorgraph I got a box full of Ball Don’t Lie Shirts to sell you.   Now somebody do me a favor and cue the music!