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It Is Probably Ill-Adivsed To Rely On A Bus Being Your Getaway Car After Trying To Steal An ATM

I think the biggest problem that a lot of criminals have is that they’re just not honest with themselves, and this right here is a prime example. Because if you want to be a thief, you better damn well have yourself some damn good friends to help you pull off some of these heists. The movie was called “Ocean’s Eleven” for a reason. Because it took 11 people to pull off that heist. If the movie was just called “Ocean’s One”, it would have been over before the opening credits stopped rolling.

So our buddy over here. Poor guy clearly doesn’t have any friends. Or at least not any good friends who were going to help him steal this ATM. So without a friend to lend him a helping hand, he’s stuck trying to figure out his own getaway situation. The best he could come up with was to waddle that ATM over to the nearest bus stop and have NJ Transit speed off before the fuzz arrive. Only issue is that bus drivers typically lose their shit if you’re standing over past the line at the front of the bus so you could only imagine how displeased they would be if you attempted to take a stolen ATM on to their bus. So in a shocking turn of events, this particular bus driver was not exactly cooperative when it came to aiding and abetting this criminal activity.

On the plus side, however, this guy is probably pretty lucky he wasn’t able to get away with that ATM. Because as we’ve seen in previous attempts, those things are an absolute bitch to try to break open and you typically end up getting your skull crushed into a pulp as a result.