Englewood Teen Fights Off Dog With A Broom To Help 7-Year-Old Boy

Shitty walk home for these kids. One second you’re gingerly walking home talking about what you’re going to do with your evening, and then BAM you gotta tighten up the Nikes to run like the wind.

I gotta say that I love Karl. This kid is either so mad at this dog that he wants to go out there with an old school sling shot to get revenge or he’s furious that he has to talk to this news reporter when he can be playing video games. I think I’ll have to go with the first option. Yeah, in his second soundbite he seemed a little more cooled off, but this is Englewood here and Karl is a tough Englewood 7 year-old.

I mean who knows, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe when he becomes old enough he’ll just create a bond with this dog like Roach did with Chico in ‘Next Friday’


Shoutout to Karl’s cousin Jamal for acting quick though. That sequence was like less than 2 seconds and he was back in the door.

The real story is the broom though.

What a huge day for that broom. It’s not every day that a broom saves the day. That thing was living out its life being used to sweep off leaves and snow off that porch and now it’ll be looked at as if its the Golden Gun from 007 Goldeneye. That’s how you earn your keep around places and don’t turn into a bat for stickball or something like that.

P.S. – How about the girl in the pink backpack? She just stood there gazing like she saw the Ice Cream truck go by. Not a care in the world about little Karl juking his way away from this dog. Too busy thinking about if she should go with a Screwball or a Choco Taco.