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Support Cyclone Idai Relief Efforts In Southern Africa, By Buying Barstools First Ever African Print Shirt

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As some of you may have heard by now, the Southern African region is going through the worst natural disaster in their history. Cyclone Idai hit the beautiful beaches of Mozambique on Thursday, and continued through to Malawai and my home of Zimbabwe. The storm made landfall in Beira & has reportedly leveled 90% of the city. 90%… The death toll has already exceeded 1,000 and continues to rise. Hundreds of thousands of people are currently displaced. If you haven’t had an opportunity to read up on it, BBC has a summation of the events here,

I’m gonna be real with you real quick. I’m a kid from Africa that’s caught some real lucky breaks in life to end up where I am. With Barstool (& with you stoolies) I have been granted an opportunity to make a serious contribution to my home country & to change lives. So we’ve developed this shirt and will be donating 100% of all net proceeds to relief efforts. I genuinely believe that with your help we can make a MAJOR impact on A LOT of peoples lives over there. & We’re going to do it just like how Dave built this empire, shirt by shirt.

The plan is to sell as many of these shirts as we can and donate all we can to a fund that’s helping out on the ground level. A fund I have already reached out to, to partner with. The logistics of moving these funds across international borders can be a little tricky, so we are still determining the best way to make this work. Although I’m sure Large knows a guy who knows a guy…I want to make sure that the stoolies hard earned dollars are going into the right hands, and not the Nigerian prince we all get emails from. If we can’t get this money into Africa easily, the backup plan is to donate to an American charity that’s doing work on the ground. Shelter Box and USAID being options.

Lastly, quick shoutout to our merch team for working with me in particular Ryan and Allison. I’d be damned if I didn’t give a shoutout to Dave. He’s the one that’s allows this to all happen. I know people can say “El pres this, El Pres that” “Team Portnoy blah blah blah” But I just wanted to show you what Dave Portnoy, the man, is like. I hadn’t spoke to or seen Dave yet this week before he sent me this.



No Bullshit, no empty words, just straight action. Considering this news was overshadowed by the attack in Christchurch, NZ, I’m not sure how he had heard about it. But As soon as he did, he reached out to me right away to help. Not send me his “thoughts and prayers” but to actually help. A true salt of the earth guy…

If you don’t have the spare funds to buy a shirt that’s, I’ve tweeted the link to a GoFundMe page and I’ve included it here below, $1 USD goes a lot farther in Zimbabwe than it does here in America, so every single cent counts. I’m going to sign off the only way I see fit, with a quote from my man Rico Bosco,..some things are bigger than sports! Viva La Stool! Viva La Zimbabwe! & God bless the Stoolies!