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How Many Diet Cokes Can You Buy With $5 Million Per Year?

“I’m still gonna be here tomorrow, the next day, the next day, and get paid a fortune to sit here and do this. So, just remember that.” ~ Mike Francesa

Absolutely unbelievable. It makes me so happy and so furious all at the same time. Just like Francesa himself. Everyday I watch his show for 6 fucking hours on a roller coaster of emotions. Half the time I’m absolutely enraged with his Yankees bullshit. Hanging up on callers. Dismissing valid points. Butchering names. Listening to him stutter and stammer and ramble about horse racing or his surgically repaired knee or his snowblower. Literally falling asleep on the air. 

But then I realize that I am still listening to this fat idiot babble about all that shit and mail it in and I respect the fuck out of him for it. The fact that me and millions of other people just keep tuning in makes me think he deserves that type of money. Its all about results. And he gets them. People always ask me “Why do you listen to that fat slob?” and the answer is because he’s the most entertaining fat slob out there. I don’t tune into Mike for his genius insight. I tune into Mike to watch Mike. Watching him do radio is more entertaining than the most brilliant, articulate sports genius on any other station. Mike is the show. The prank calls, the tangent stories. The arrogant attitude. Its like the WWF of sports radio. 100 times more entertaining than anything ESPN puts on the air.