Sansa Stark Was Getting AFTER It At Last Night's Rangers Game

It looks like Lady Stark picked up a thing or two after becoming Mrs. Tyrion Lannister. Pulling off a triple dab in the year of our Lord 2019 is one thing. But to rifle down the finest 50 buck chuck little Jimmy Kazoo has to offer in front of the MSG crowd like Cersei after a fresh batch of murders is quite another.

In case that entire performance wasn’t enough to make you bend the knee for Sophie Turner or at least pay full price for a ticket to her upcoming Dark Phoenix X-Men movie, I think I have to officially consider her the new queen of Barstool after reading this caption on her Instagram post. Sorry Nardini.


Meanwhile in other New York hockey news, it appears Frankie Borelli lived through his own personal Red Wedding at The Coliseum.


And that was Puck Talk With Clem.