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This Girl Getting Covered In A Billion Gallons Worth Of Ranch Dressing Is Hilarious

I mean I just wanted this on the blog for prosperity’s sake. It’s such an incredible video and I want it to live forever on the blog. Twitter comes and goes. People every day are trying to take our Twitter from us. But the blog, it’s for infinity. Well ok, no it’s not, because one time Dave hired people to make the site better and they ended up deleting 5 years worth of blogs, but hey, they tried. Oh and as a sidenote, apparently we just re-hired one of those people. All roads lead back to Barstool.

But anyway, what a video. Getting absolutely facialized by the ranch. You can’t even be mad about it. Sometimes the ranch just overpowers you. It’s like Shaq in the pain, there’s nothing you can do. She put out a valiant effort, tried to get good positioning, bent the knees, had a grip, but ultimately was no match for 100 gallons of ranch dressing. It’s like me vs the pie, you never know when you’re going to get an eye full of white stuff when you least expect it.