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Is Dustin Pedroia Not Sexy Enough For the Red Sox Ownership Group?


NEW YORKTheo Epstein traded for Adrian Gonzalez and signed Carl Crawford following pressure from Boston Red Sox owners to build a “sexy team,” according to a book co-authored by former Red Sox manager Terry Francona. On Nov. 2, 2010, a group gathered at Fenway Park to review results of that $100,000 marketing research project the Red Sox had commissioned following declining ratings of NESN, the regional sports network partly owned by the team. The books stated the marketing report said: “(W)omen are definitely more drawn to the ‘soap opera’ and ‘reality-TV’ aspects of the game … They are interested in good-looking stars and sex symbols” — a reference to All-Star second baseman Dustin Pedroia.


I know I already talked about this yesterday, but this shit is hilarious. The Red Sox ownership paid 100K to a consulting group to find out that Dustin Pedroia wasn’t sexy enough to play in Boston. That the Red Sox needed had to have better looking players and more drama to get chicks to watch. How awesome is that? Seriously am I the only one that takes some sort of perverse pleasure in this? Yeah I love the Red Sox. Yeah I want them to win the World Series, but it’s literally amazing what a joke this franchise has turned…WAIT A MINUTE! WAIT A MINUTE!

Were they saying Dustin Pedroia was the ONLY sexy player on the team? Like using him as an example of what players need to look like? That’s what people are telling me now. Huh? Could that be right? Nobody is saying Pedroia is sexy are they? Jesus Christ. I’m so confused right now.