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Derrick "The Black Beast" Lewis Has Been Fighting With A Torn ACL/MCL/Meniscus FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS

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EPSN- Derrick Lewis believes he’s been fighting with a torn ACL for the past four years.

Lewis told ESPN on Monday that he found out two weeks before his recent loss to Junior dos Santos that he had a torn ACL in his left leg. He informed the UFC of the injury before the fight, as well. They determined, after consulting with doctors, that he was able to proceed with the fight.

Lewis said he felt his knee “go out on me” in the second round of his loss to dos Santos earlier this month and also tore his MCL and meniscus in the process. He is scheduled to undergo surgery next Tuesday.

Doctors have since informed the 34-year-old that he originally tore his ACL during his February 2015 fight against Ruan Potts when Potts went for a kneebar attempt. Despite the injury, Lewis went on to win that via TKO and proceeded to go 9-4 in his next 13 fights.

Uhhh what? Excuse me bro? You’ve just been fighting with a boneless noodle of a leg the length of freshman to senior year? Why?

You’d think at some point Derrick Lewis would go get his knee checked out over the course of his last 13 fights. Maybe before that title fight in November? I don’t know. I feel like I would! I guess this is actually the most Derrick Lewis move ever, though. Homeboy shows up, fights, and goes home. Ain’t got no time for exploding knees.