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In A Groundbreaking Moment Barstool Radio Will Be Live From Borrelli's 4-6pm Before The Bruins Islanders Game

Groundbreaking moment tonight as Barstool Radio will be live from Borrelli’s restaurant on Long Island before the Islanders-Bruins game.  Some people might say that this game doesn’t matter, but this is probably the biggest day of Frankie Borrelli of Borrelli’s Restaurant’s life.

Frankie has managed to combine the three biggest parts of life into one night. Barstool at his family restaurant before an Islanders game. Frankie’s been pitching me ways to make his family money since the day he got here, and we’re making it happen tonight.    He’ll be the lone Islanders fan dealing with the Bruins contingent of myself, Feits, and Marina who is maybe crazier than Frankie.


So tune in 4-6 on Power 85, and if youre in the area, come out to Borrelli’s because I’m sure Mr. Borrelli has a million deals and specials lined up for you.