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Smokeshow "Accidentally" Posts Naked Picture of Herself In Ebay Ad For A Dress


The Sun – A GIRL appears to have made an X-rated gaffe after posting an ebay photo revealing her naked body in a mirror. It seems the woman took a snap of the dress she was selling without realising the frame included herself. And last night the auction for a “asos yellow skater dress size 10” had reached more than £153,000 with 48 hours left. The blonde beauty hung her yellow Asos dress on a wardrobe door to take a photo of it with her smartphone camera. But the picture also captured her own reflection in the wardrobe mirror – showing her wearing nothing but a black bra. There’s no way of knowing if the image is a photoshopped fake or a genuine mistake.


So this is blowing up the internet right now. Just going viral like a motherfucker. Listen I’m never one to disparage girls who want to post pictures of their pussies on the internet. Especially when they are hot like this chick. But this is the most obvious publicity stunt in the history of publicity stunts. I ain’t mad at her. Sex sells. Nobody knows that better than me. But you don’t just accidentally post a picture of your perfectly shaved box on Ebay like this. Especially not when you’re this hot.   And it’s not even like she bothered to put on pants in the 2nd photo either. It’s Erin Andrews 101.  Seriously I’m surprised she’s not saying somebody took it without her permission.