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Wake Up With Kris Bryant Dropping A BOMB For His First Career Home Run In Front Of 50,000 Cubs Fans In Milwaukee

I never really knew how much the Cubs' fans took over the Brewers stadium until recently, it's not great. I've never heard an opposing stadium sound like that when a guy on the other team hit a homer, let alone his first career home run. Could you imagine a team letting another fanbase come into your ballpark and doing that? Not me.
Kris Bryant does have to live with the fact that his first dong came in those terrible Cubs throwbacks, not great. But seriously, this was the first homer in his heavily hyped up rookie season and was the first of his 26 homers on his way to Rookie Of The Year. The day he made his debut was electric on twitter. Tons of buzz around Bryant and what he was going to do, especially since a big deal was made about the Cubs holding him down in the minors to give them another year of club control. I feel like we see it a lot now, mainly Vlad Jr, but back then you didn't really hear about it. Safe to say it worked out for Bryant and the Cubs.
Love the team pulling everyone from the dugout and hiding in the clubhouse, always a classic celly.