Terry Francona Says What Everybody Already Knows In His New Book....The Red Sox Ownership Group Doesn't Give A Shit About Winning....Only Cares About Making Money


First of all how the fuck does Gresh and Zo have a radio show? Holy shit they are bad. I mean this material was gold and I almost had to shut it off because I couldn’t stand listening to them. They were literally making my ears bleed.. How are they even on the air? Felger and Mazz are good. Toucher and Rich are good. These guys are god awful.  I’m not joking that if I had a radio show I’d beat them by the maximum rating points allowed within 24 hours of being on the air.  That’s not me bragging.  That’s just how bad they are.

Anyway back the book. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at Fenway right now. The One Eyed Bandit probably has Werner tied up and hanging from the ceiling like terrorists do when they torture a guy. Yeah I know it’s not Werner’s fault this leaked but I feel like he gets blamed for everything that goes wrong. Either way if I was Terry Francona I’d watch my back right now. I wouldn’t put it past Lucchino to have him whacked and then blame it on Nomar. At the very least we’re going to see a smear campaign the likes of which this city has never seen before.

Maybe the most shocking part of this expose is that it’s not shocking at all. Like literally nothing in this surprised me. I’ve said it from day 1 with this ownership group. They don’t care about baseball. They don’t care about Boston. They don’t care about tradition or winning or anything they’ve ever pretended to care about. All they care about is making money and bleeding this city dry. If they could finish last and make 1 dollar more they’d do it. And that’s not even really why I despise them so much. After all baseball is a business. They are businessmen. I’ve just HATE how they always try to pretend like they care. How they always put themselves on camera and talk about how much the city of Boston means to them. They are frauds of the highest order in that regard. They think the fans are stupid. They think I’m stupid. They think you’re stupid. They are money hungry carpetbaggers who try to act like they bought the Red Sox because of the history and passion of the fans. It’s the biggest lie going. They’d get in bed with Hitler (or Lebron) if they thought they could make an extra nickel from it. That’s who they are and everytime they pretend to care about anything other than the bottomline it’s a slap in the face to everybody who loves this team. That’s why I despise them. It’s the spin control, the consultants, the fake ceremonies that drives me bananas.   I don’t begrudge them for making money.  Just stop selling me Fenway bricks and telling me that you are doing me a favor by doing it.

PS – I said this last year.  There is no way this team isn’t sold by 2015.   They’ve bled us dry and there is almost nothing left to plunder so like Somali Pirates it’s almost time for them to set sail.