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Well Shit, It Appears The Indians Are Back In Trade Discussions For Kluber and Bauer...

The San Diego Padres and Cleveland Indians continue to discuss a possible trade deal involving Cleveland starters Corey Kluber or Trevor Bauer, according to The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal and Dennis Lin.

The Padres have been linked with the Indians since December, when Cleveland became motivated to move Bauer or Kluber after Carlos Carrasco’s three-year, $37.5 million extension. Both Kluber and Bauer were rumored to be on the trade market this offseason but as spring training got underway, a trade grew increasingly unlikely. Now with barely a week until the teams start their 2019 regular seasons, it looks like the trade rumors are picking back up.

Noooooo! I know that there were rumors earlier this Winter, but I thought those flew by the wayside and we made it through the off-season without doing anything too drastic. The Indians have won the AL Central three years in a row, and we’re the favorites to win it again this year. And that will all be on the backs of our outstanding starting pitching, headlined by Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer. But apparently, according Ken Rosenthal, the Tribe are continuing their discussions with the Padres to move starting pitching.


Wait, so you’re telling me the trade is “not close”….?

And any potential trade is “unlikely to occur before Opening Day”?

This is great news. But if we’re not even close, then what are we even reporting here, Ken? Don’t scare me with this bullshit unless there is something really there. But you decided to take it to the internet, so now it’s a story. And since it’s a story I would like to make this very clear to the Indians front office: do NOT ruin this season for us. I’m fully aware that our “window” appears to be closing without a championship, but it’s still not the time to pack it in and retool. We still have the best pitching staff in the division, and it has the capability of being the best staff in the league. And then you can throw in the fact that we have All-Star closer Brad Hand on the back-end. So why would we decide that now is the time to give up two front end guys?


So stay out of our business, Padres. And I’ve heard the Dodgers and Yankees are still names being thrown around, too. Can you guys all just chill out and let us have the last couple years of fun while we can? When Lindor undoubtedly hits free agency, then you guys can pounce. But please leave us alone and just wait to sign these guys for the big bucks. Until then, let us enjoy being the hottest sports town in America. For all the bullshit we’ve gone through, this is already a special time to be from Cleveland. And it’s only going to get better. The Indians are about to kick off the season with a hot start here in 10 days, the Cavs are going to win the Zion lottery, the MLB All-Star game is coming to town this summer, and then this Fall……well, shit. The Tribe will be in the postseason, and you all know what the Browns are about to do…