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Cincinnati Bengals Re-Sign Devon Still To Practice Squad So He Can Pay For His Daughter's Cancer Treatment

You always hear that professional sports is a business. Players get let go and traded because it’s what’s best for the company. Leaving Devon Still off the 53-man roster was a business decision for the Cincinnati Bengals, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But just like Strahan said, this is a classy, classy move by the Bengals to bring Still onto the practice squad. It’s not their job to look out for the players no longer on their roster, but they went out and did the right thing anyway. This is the type of story that makes you feel just a little warmer inside about humanity. Also, it’s one of those moments that allows you to stop for a quick second before the season gets underway and remember that all these guys out there on the field have actual lives outside of football that put some things into perspective. So nothing but the best wishes for Leah Still and hopefully she can kick the shit out of this terrible disease.