Does This Look Like the Face Of A Merrimack Chick Who Test Drove A Volvo And Then Stole It?


NASHUAA Merrimack woman is accused of stealing a 2004 Volvo during a test drive. Lt. Michael Moushegian said Caitlyn Caron went to a local car dealership to test drive the Volvo. In the parking lot, the salesman pointed out some features of the car to Caron and then got out of the driver’s seat to let her try it out. As the employee was heading to the passenger side of the vehicle, Caron drove off with it, police said. The dealership had a copy of Caron’s driver’s license, so police had an easy time tracking her down. The car was recovered in Methuen, Mass., Moushegian said.

Is this a dumb move? Yes. Do I respect it? Fuck yeah. It just takes a big old brass vagina to try and steal a Volvo right in the dealerships face like this. Unfortunately she made two key mistakes. #1 you can’t give the dealership your real drivers license. That’s going to come back to bite you in the ass 9 out of 10 times. And #2 you can’t stop in Methuen. You drive that shit straight to the Canadian border and you don’t look back. Still you got to applaud the effort though.