Pope Francesa At Easter Mass!

“Bless me Fahtha, for I have sinned…I’ve had a #1 rated radio show for 25 yeeahs and never gave the competition a chance”


So Francesca has lived down the street from me in my hometown of Manhasset Long Island for a while but i Have yet to see this hermit roaming the streets. Happened to be standing next to him in all his glory during my once a year trip to church. Dude was in a Steve Harvey status suit and knew the words to every hymn or hominy whatever the fuck they are called. Wouldn’t have been as exciting if he wasn’t rocking his purple tinted shades.

P.S. his hands were sweaty as fuck during the always awkward “peace be with you” part of mass where I proceeded to laugh in his face thinking about the Ray Lewis GIF . Video to follow of him singing


How about Pope Francesa in standing room only! I figured Mike woulda had a helicopter escorted by fighter jets take him to the church where he’d proceed sit behind the altar for his exclusive Easter Mass viewing. Can’t believe he just stood in the back with the commoners like some sort of peasant. I mean thats Craig Carton behavior at Synagogue. Not Mike Francesa.

No joke if I saw Mike at mass singing hymns I’d probably just genuflect before him. Imagine him singing “Hahl lay loo YAH” in church? Thats like witnessing a miracle. Someone should call the Vatican to come research this appearance because its legitimately an Easter miracle.

PS – The network of Stoolies is borderline insane. I got paparazzi in Manhasset snapping pictures of radio hosts in the middle of church. Absolutely NOTHING is sacred anymore at Barstool. I feel Joe Carroll in The Following. Got eyes and ears everywhere.