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Dan Fouts Says Brady Gets Special Treatment from the Refs

WEEI.comSpeaking on an episode of “NFL Monday QB” on CBS Sports Network, former Chargers quarterback Dan Fouts took a veiled shot at Tom Brady, hinting the Patriots quarterback gets special treatment from officials. “Tom Brady has to be protected to be effective,” said Fouts, who has become an NFL analyst for CBS Sports. “He’s protected better than anybody — not only by his offensive line, but sometimes, by those guys in the striped shirts.”

I get how every ex-defensive player on TV does this same song and dance about how Brady gets special treatment.  Because that’s just their gig.  It doesn’t bother me in the least coming from a Warren Sapp or Rodney Harrison or Howie Long because they’re supposed to think that way.  It’s a tired old joke among all retired defensive guys.  Part of that whole “They’re making defense illegal and why not put dresses on the quarterbacks” blabbity blah blah…”  And at least they say it about every quarterback.  They’re equal opportunity bellyachers.  But if you read those quotes to me and asked which actual former quarterback said them it’d be a total no-brainer for me.  I would’ve buzzed in and said “Dan Fouts” before you finished the question.  What a goddamn fraud he is.  His jealousy toward Brady is palpable and always has been.  Here’s a guy who can’t even disguise his contempt for the Patriots in general and Brady’s passing numbers in particular.  In his career he’s never seen a pass interference call against a Patriots receiver without playing the Special Treatment card and at least twice a game plays it the other way, saying the only reason Brady completed a pass is because his own guy pushed off and got away with it.  And the kicker of it is, no QB in the history of the league ever benefited from more ticky tack penalty calls than he did.  Those Charger teams of his were the most finessy of finesse teams.  Hell, his best teammate was Kellen Winslow Sr, who invented the non-blocking, roving Y tight end position.  And the reason the rules are so geared toward offenses now is the NFL fell in love with Fouts’ brand of soft non-physical Arena Football so they rewrote them to make the whole league like that.  AND to protect quarterbacks, starting with Dan Fouts.  If he’s got an axe to grind, he can take it up with the commissioner, because Brady’s playing under the same rules every other frigging QB in every other offense on every other team is playing.  The only difference is, Brady wins and they don’t.  And the only difference between him and Dan Fouts is he’s been to 5 Super Bowls, won 3 of them, and counting.  That and Tom Brady has no one to be jealous of.  @JerryThornton1